LinkedIn Outreach

The Lead Generators offer highly effective LinkedIn Lead Generation. Our lead generation is highly effective and returns a great ROI throughout the outbound marketing sphere.

The process is simple and will follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, would be to research your target market and create a list of contacts on the LinkedIn platform. We would filter down by the job title, location, industry and seniority, years of experience and company headcount. We aim to ensure the contacts we reach out to, match up to your customer profile.
  2. We would then create messages that generate curiosity and interest and which aims to get your replies back. We will always run the messages we are going to send through your first, so you can double-check what we have written.
  3. After step 2, we would then send out the messages/connections every day from your profile (for maximum results we can send from multiple profiles). We can continue to send until they reply or till the sequence runs out.

  4. The best bit! - Leads will start rolling in!
  5. We will then repeat the above


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